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My top picks from Clazona Beauty: #MustHave #MakeupHacks

I was always suspicious when it comes to trying local cosmetics. My theory is simple; both food and stuff you put on your face/body should be of utmost quality. If you wish to age gracefully :) I was contacted to review Clazona products. I received following in the mail: BB+ Cream: The

Banish Dry & Dull Skin with Winter Skincare Tips & Tricks.

          I LOVE WINTERS! The cosy clothes and coffee is what I live for. Although as extreme winters can damage your skin just as summer sun can. Here are few tips to have a healthy glowing skin throughout your winters. Cleaning is essential even if you don't sweat. Wash your face twice a

2018 hair wig trends to watch out for!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine 2018 is just around the corner (why yes, November counts as just around the corner now!) and you know what that means -- time to get started with that new year to-do list! No, it’s definitely not too early, especially for #hairgoals. After

5 Amazing hacks to get rid of hair fall: Tried & Tested

  We all go through hair fall issues on and off. For many women, things are more alarming especially when it comes with the added stress of hair thinning. I have a mild case of autoimmune disorder because of which I did notice an increase in my hair fall. I always

Masarrat Misbah Makeup: Worth going local?

Hey Girls, Last week I got these awesome makeup goodies for review. I honestly was already looking forward to trying them out but this just speeds up the process. Thank you #MasarratMisbah! Now after using it for like a week, I can give you my honest review on the product's finishing. Ballet Glow