The beauty industry is a billion-dollar behemoth and for those who don’t have the financial luxury to splurge on big-name brands, there are few products that are both affordable and effective. For instance, I am obsessed with skincare, despite not spending too much on it. Skincare isn’t merely about skin care, it’s therapeutic. Having a bad day? Put on some sheet mask. Out too long? Only then do I break out the much more satisfactory clay masks.
Aztec Healing Clay is one of those products that develop a cult following – several of my blogger friends swear by it! Eventually I caved under the pressure and bought it for myself. How did it go? Let’s find out.


This Indian healing clay can be used in two ways:
1. Mix with apple cider vinegar or,
2. Mix with water.
For those of you with sensitive skin, you definitely need the milder mix option (with water only). Leave the mask on for 20 mins and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Impressions after first use:

Immediately after washing off the clay, you feel like your skin has been vacuumed. The naturally occurring calcium bentonite clay draws out all impurities from the depths of the pores in your skin, hence the title of “world’s most powerful facial”.
I definitely felt my skin feeling fresher and cleaner after the first application but would it feel consistently good with future uses? I decided to find out.

Impressions after a month (used weekly):

My skin is definitely clearer and looks fresher than ever. I don’t have acne but there were a few stubborn sunspots that are now almost faded! A note: A natural consequence of using this type of clay is drier skin, so make sure you use moisturiser religiously. I ended up using it once a week but you should adjust usage according to your skin’s requirement.
Fun fact: the price of this mask is much less compared to the TLC DrunkElephant Facial, yet the results are visibly better!

I’d like to end with the standard disclaimer: skincare is a different experience for everyone, it will never be entirely the same for everyone. Therefore, there is a chance that this regimen might not work for you or cause your acne to flare up so make sure to do a patch test before buying it.

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