Here’s an honest review about Phyisogel products that I received in the mail a few weeks ago.

Physiogel Gentle Facial Cleanser (Daily Defence)

I tried the Dry, Sensitive Skin one. It has the following benefits:

  • Effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities
  • Gently cleanses while respecting the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and barrier
  • No preservatives, perfumes or colorants added

Results: It doesn’t leave skin dry after wash. Although if you use too much makeup, I would recommend that you first remove your makeup with wipes or makeup remover. It leaves skin look beautiful and softer. I would recommend it fully especially in winters. It’s of only 1,450 pkr

Physiogel Protective Day Cream Light (Daily Defence)

  • It is clinically proven to defend skin from dehydration and environmental aggressors
  • Makes skin less sensitive
  • Restores skin’s brightness and radiance
  • Contains SPF 15, and antioxidant
  • Helps prevent the skin from environmental damage
  • Even it doesn’t have any preservatives, perfumes or colorants

Results: It’s best to be used under the makeup. For me, it works as a primer for smooth application of makeup. It really hydrates my dry skin and keeps it softer till night. Although I would always recommend it in combination with sunscreen. It’s of only 1,720 pkr

Physiogel Replenishing Night Cream (Daily Defence)

  • It strengthens and repairs skin’s barrier function at night
  • Provides intensive moisturization overnight
  • Makes skin less sensitive
  • Skin feels well nourished in the morning due to added Vitamin E Acetate

Results: I love the way it works almost instantly. In a day, my skin felt better especially in winters. I mix it with my face night serums.¬†Its a very gentle formula. Although they say it has no scent, that doesn’t mean that it smells bad. It leaves a very refreshing feel to the skin. Price 1,750 pkr

Stiefel Sunblock 60 PA ++ (Normal Skin)

So we all know a million benefits of using sunscreen in this century. It prevents:

  • Pre-mature skin ageing
  • The appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation
  • Sunburn

Results: It’s a non-greasy formula which is also water resistant. I love how it gives full coverage from sun and leaves skin feeling supple and healthy. Price 750 only

Tell me your experience of using Phyisogel Pakistan.

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