The Handmaid’s Tale: Is this fiction turning into a reality?

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Margaret Atwood said that she didn’t write anything in the book that is not happening in real life. Remember that the book was published in 1985. Hulu’s blockbuster series “The Handmaid’s Tale” is more than just regular drama. This series tell the story of June/Offred, a handmaid in the dystopian society […]


Harry Potter and the Curse Child is coming out soon: Two new books to droll over!

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The eight Harry Potter book is to be released this summer, the day the play has debuted on the stage. The new Harry Potter and the cursed child will reveal the untold part of the boy wizard’s story including the story of the murder of his parents. The story will […]


Cuckoo’s Calling: Why use a pseudonym J.K.Rowling?

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One night while roaming the streets with my husband, I saw this book on a book stall. Being a big mystery fan as I am, it took me 5 seconds to decide that I need to read it asap! J.K Rowling said that in order to channel her inner bloke, […]