loreal serioxyl

Loreal Serioxyl: Is it a magic potion for hair fall and hair thinning?

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Firstly, My apologies for not being able to blog as often as I would like to. My work life balance is all messed up. I am trying to find a balance and failing miserably. Thanks to the crazy wedding season in Pakistan Anyways, so I started using Loreal Serioxyl about […]

essential oils

Why to Invest in Essential Oils for Skin, Hair and Mood?

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Essential Oils are non-water soluble phytochemicals extracted from different herbs and plants. They are what Hakems (traditional herbologists) in old age used to treat diseases with. They used to take these herbs and crush them into quantity needed. With the advancement of science, we’ve forgotten the old wisdom of past […]


Quaker Oats are giving serious new year goals in Pakistan #OatsomeBrunch

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I am a health freak. Although never overweight yet I see the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. I associate energy and happiness with it.┬áNot only I recommend others to follow it, I also highly encourage to not leave this as merely your new year resolution but actually practice it. […]


Nestle U4HKAajSe Islamabad Launch: Insight

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Let me start by clarifying what U4HKAajSe exactly is! United for Healthier Kids is an initiative which was started globally to eradicate the factors leading to poor health of children. Under this initiative, the movement will work closely with all the major stakeholders to determine the obstacles that stand in […]


Marham: A light of hope in the chaos of medical services in Pakistan #MarhamBano

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Quite often we wish we researched more or perhaps knew more about the certain disease or it’s treatment. We feel helpless and dependent fully on the hospital to let us know how to move forward. Marham is your answer for getting a┬áproper guidance of who to consult, shared by people’s […]