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Stephen Hawking’s Last Warnings/Messages to the Mankind

World famous British theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, peacefully died this morning( 14th March, 2018) in his home at the age of 76. His contribution towards Black Hole and relativity theory changed the way we perceive things. He gave us an understanding of this universe that God knows how long we would've

My top picks from Clazona Beauty: #MustHave #MakeupHacks

I was always suspicious when it comes to trying local cosmetics. My theory is simple; both food and stuff you put on your face/body should be of utmost quality. If you wish to age gracefully :) I was contacted to review Clazona products. I received following in the mail: BB+ Cream: The

Padmaavat: Reasons why I loved it and also hated it

In my memory, no film has been dragged this much by Indians themselves then Padmaavat (formerly named as Padmavati). It already deserves a standing ovation for being finally released despite the mob violence, buses being burnt and the threats of beheading Deepika. Although when you watch the movie, you've trouble understanding what

#BitesAndVibes: Islamabad chapter – Hit or a Miss?

Disclaimer: I’m a foodie and I think food-based meetups are the best thing to happen to our society since sliced bread. That said, Islamabad was rather late to the food fest party *grr* BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER AMIRITE? So you can imagine just how excited I was when I found

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