Marvel’s latest comic featured Kamala Khan reflecting on Indo-Pak partition crisis

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Many know her as Ms.Marvel, Kamala Khan again featured in Marvel comics. She first appeared in 2013 and is still considered an awesome protagonist in Marvel family. The fans are loving it the flashback set during Pakistan-India Partition in 1947. It looks like the origin of Kamala Khan. We’ve shared […]


Marham: A light of hope in the chaos of medical services in Pakistan #MarhamBano

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Quite often we wish we researched more or perhaps knew more about the certain disease or it’s treatment. We feel helpless and dependent fully on the hospital to let us know how to move forward. Marham is your answer for getting a proper guidance of who to consult, shared by people’s […]


#PoliceKaySaathIftar So you think your roza is difficult? Think about police

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So you are sitting in your air conditioned car and still getting irritated that you’ve to wait for whole 2 mins for the signal to go green while fasting. Do you ever pause and reflect on the traffic police officer standing right under the sun just for your safety? He […]