The Jungle Book story has fascinated readers for more than 100 years. It’s a classic that every parent want their child to read.

“Bagheera the Panther: A silken shadow of boldness and cunning.

Kaa the Python: A thirty-foot battering ram driven by a cool, hungry mind.

Baloo the Bear: who keeps the lore and the Law, and teaches the Secret Words.

Rikki the Mongoose: The young protector who sings as he slays.

Akela and Raksha the Wolves: Demon warriors of the Free People.

Shere Khan the Tiger: The dreaded enemy of all.

And Mowgli the Man-cub: The orphan baby raised by the wolves, taught by Baloo, trained by Bagheera and Kaa. The sorcerer who knows the ways of the jungle and speaks the language of the wild…”

If you’ve read the book in your childhood like me, then you would know these characters by heart. You must have often wonder how would it feel to be Mowgli? I did fantasize about how will it be in the real world as in cartoons animals look more like stuffed toys. Thus, I had mixed emotions when I saw the trailer of The Jungle Book, 2016. It was like either I will love or hate it. There won’t be any in betweens.

My reaction after watching the movie was: WOW!! 

The way they’ve synchronised the voice-casting of his animal companions and animation, is just worth giving them an standing ovation. It’s so real with mesmirizing characters. There are times when animated movies of this type are quite technically dry but The Jungle B
ook will keep you hooked to your seat. You will laugh with cute and natural way animals respond to one another and worry when Shere Khan is threatening with his powerful voice.

This movie is not just a treat for elders, it’s also something which you will want to show your kids. They’ve made it very children friendly so you won’t see gore like the bear scene in The Revenant.

I am already recommending this to my 4 year old nephew who I know will enjoy it loads!

It is awesomely orchastrated by Jon Favreau and Disney.

I will definitely give it 5/5


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