Servis Pakistan has recently launched  its new summer collection which would leave you with a wow expression.  Servis  has a history of making superb quality shoes, with extra comfort and reliability but this new summer collection is no doubt attractive with some good design and quality shoes from its signature brands, Liza, Ndure and Toz which are now widely available on all Servis outlets in Pakistan.

Servis has created quite a rush among the citizens with its interesting TVC about the new footwear variety. The ad is funny and appealing, showing that the new collection is so reasonable and #Diltastic when it comes to prices that once you wear it, you will not take them off.  It shows that it is so easy to fall in love with your new #ServisShoes. The commercial has a catchy line “ Utaarnay Ka Scene Hee Nahin” which became so famous that everyone on the social media is tweeting about it with the hashtag #SceneHeeNahin

The commercial made it so intense that it showed people don’t want to take their new shoes  off when they hit the bed and even when they take a bath. I must say Servis has taken their TVC a bit too far to promote their new collection which is actually working.

With its new campaign, it wanted to create a hype which can be easily seen. With its promotional approach has a wide variety of products for all ages have made it a reliable footwear brand.

Do visit your nearest Servis outlet to grab em first! We never know when they run out of our favorites. 

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