Is it just me whose mouth gets all watery whenever I see such ads. I love snacks more than main courses. Yes, I am crazy that way! Every time I think that Lay’s has run out of flavour ideas, I am proven horribly wrong.

This time also Lays have unveiled two new flavours; Thai Chili & Mexican Paprika. So your very own editor tasted and tried them. I would say that they got one of them right!


These Lay’s Thai Chili and Mexican chips were very cool looking – the red and green speckles really stood out.  Plus, there was plenty of powder, which was good. I took them in my mouth and was like….hmm.  These are interesting.

The flavor of Thai Chili is the one I loved most. – very much like sauce used in almost all of Thai cooking.  Layered on top of that was definitely the bright tanginess of the tomato powder.  That plus a nice garlic and onion flavor SORT of reminded me of the flavor of pad thai…I

Mexican Chili is a treat to tongue – just SLIGHT SLIGHT tingle, but I certainly would call these spicy.  They were pretty herbaceous – Lays definitely take their chips very seriously.

All in all, pretty good.  I’d eat them again, I will buy them again!

Don’t you wanna just wait and watch for the next flavor to come? #LifeNeedsFlavors

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