Ki & Ka is a family drama film based on a family who is liberal in living a lifestyle which is not socially accepted. Starring Karina Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor who made it fun and interesting. Directed by R.Bakli, Ki and Ka shows a couple where the female is a bread winner.  The movie reveals the fact that the world is not owned by men. Girls can do and live in whatever way they want to and if a woman is not living typically like the rest of the women, it should be normal and totally acceptable.

The film gets weird at many points. I like the way it challenges the “Gender Stereotypes” but why does a guy need to act feminine if he takes the role of home keeping? The jealousy can’t be so intense especially if a person is achieving so much. For me, this movie was very much below average. It could’ve been a lot better. Kareena Kapoor needs to realise that she is a big star, thus, her choice should be better than this! 1st-deal_720

Arjun comes from a very rich family who wants to be exactly like his mother, who is a housewife. And Karina Kapoor is a working woman, a very successful indeed and her mother owns 4, 5 NGOs.  They both meet on a flight, where they become friends and gradually start liking each other when they see many similarities. They both share different norms but still make perfect bond.

They both share the same birthdays and, therefore, choose to get married on the same date.  Arjun’s father doesn’t like him because of his outlook always has something negative to say to him. Arjun is questioned by his father about is manhood, as he is letting his wife work and earn a bread for the family and him, on the other hand, being the male and king of the house , stays home and cooks food for the family.

Karina Kapoor becomes a new VP of a well-known company. The couple lives happily until some misunderstandings arise as she has to meet new colleagues and her husband gets jealous. But a strong relationship gets through all the hurdles and hardships put in their way. Jaya Bachan and Amitabh Bachan as a guest appearance are a great surprise for the audience.

We will rate it 1/5.

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