It isn’t often when I feel pleasure in reviewing a campaign. This one just hit the right cords.

There are two important topics which this TVC is addressing. The lesson of accepting and respecting different cultures and care for neighbours. Both these things have been

Muslim must be good to the neighbours, no matter their religion. But the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us that a “neighbour” is not just the one next door but includes all those up to forty houses in all directions. In addition to religious factor, even cultural factor contributes a lot as most of us have been taught this as an important factor in our upbringing. This is why I loved Shan’s new advert so much.


Being an expat brings a lot of pressure – one feels alienated and alone in the new culture. Thus accepting expats with love is very important so they don’t feel as homesick. TVC is a story of a young Chinese couple who recently moved to Lahore and is in homesick state and in need of a company. Food being universal language brings them together. The main message ofcourse is how easy it is cook using Shan spices because of the directions given at the back.

Internet was quick to make this entire TVC viral in a light and fun manner. A lot of memes were generated by the fans, the talks of Pak-China Friendship are already pretty hot in Pakistan due to CPEC. People even shared food with their neighbours on hashtag #KhaanaWithParosi which was a trending topic in Pakistan for quite a long time.

Here’s how social media reacted to it:

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