Fall is perhaps one of the best times to kickstart that home improvement project you’ve been procrastinating over for months — the weather’s gotten nicer but the ravages of winter haven’t set in, the kids have gone back to school so you don’t have to chase them away from dangerous tools all day — basically, there just couldn’t be a better moment to dust off those plans!

But wait! Those elaborate surface revamps you had shortlisted all that time ago are hopelessly out of date. You weren’t seriously going to go ahead with that antiquated colour combination for your kitchen, were you? And that tacky material? Good, we thought not! That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done a little who’s who and what’s what in the world of trendy, fashionable surfaces for your house!

Your Kitchen in a Nutshell

So let’s talk kitchens: They deserve a significant amount of your attention when you’re planning your upgrade (or even when setting it up for the very first time) — after all, you will end up spending a lot of your time here — whether it’s cooking, family tête-à-têtes or just come cocktails with close friends. That’s why dreary colours are a big no! Don’t pair your brown furniture with beige counters and tiles, and too much black is definitely a bad thing.


Brighten up the Walls

Add a dash of verve and personality to your next paint job by throwing away the sensible, ever-popular variations of whites and off-whites we see all the time. Think yellow, think mauve, maybe even some primaries. Nothing eye-searing of course (you want to feel at home, not on edge) — so maybe tone them down a little bit so they’re fun and festive and no longer a threat to your retinas.

Toss Those Old Counters!

Yes, you know what we’re talking about. Those kitchen counters that you so love and that you spend hours leaning against, they need to go! Exotic granite and gorgeous marble countertops are all the rage and with good reason! Granite’s tough and extremely durable, and no two pieces look the same, while marble has the colour range (don’t forget the hypnotic veining!) and the classic elegance that just can’t be matched by anything else. Our favourite countertops are made by Premier Surfaces – their products are frankly more works of art than mere kitchen countertops.


Pair your colour options to go with that new wall paint and you’re looking at a brand-new kitchen that’s sure to wow guests and family alike.

Cute-lery, not cutlery

Groan at the pun all you want, but it is true! Wear and tear from years of usage renders takes its toll even on the finest of China. This remodelling is as good an opportunity to get that quirky cutlery set on Etsy that you’ve always loved. Nothing adds more charm to your day than eating off some zany china. It’s fact.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

The pièce de résistance of any remodelling project, the finishing touch, is definitely the accessorizing. Do you want to take that décor all the way to 11? Style up your newly revitalized kitchen with funky, tasteful accessories. Fridge magnets, Wolverine’s claws shaped knife holders, Harry Potter themed salt and pepper shakers, maybe even that fancy stove the whole family has been eyeing — everything’s game! These accessories need to scream ‘‘you’’ because that’s what this is all about: Making your kitchen an extension of you.

There are no bounds to your creativity when it comes to a kitchen upgrade. Have at it, people, and let us know your favourite remodelling ideas in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “Home Decor: Little changes to add beauty to your kitchen”

  1. I am all about accessorizing, but I would LOVE new counters in my kitchen someday. Mine are old and definitely could stand to be replaced.

  2. I am fortunate to live at a house that we renovated just 4 years ago and I love everything about my kitchen. Those are great tips for renovating ones kitchen though.

  3. Oh man, my kitchen looks pretty boring and drab at the moment. At some point I’ll make it better. We do want some better counters. Right now ours are brown and blah.

  4. We recently remodeled our kitchen and it makes my heart happy every time I walk in! We did White shaker uppers with glass insets and Cherry bases. I love my new granite countertops too but it took many years to afford it all. I agree sometimes even a little upgrade makes a world of difference!

  5. Some really great ideas for kitchens here! The kitchen has always been my favourite room in the house…..I dream of having a kitchen as nice as these one day!

  6. We have dark grey/black counter tops with white cabinetry and light grey walls. It sounds a bit drab but it looks nice with the stainless appliances. I should pick a color or two and brighten it up with decorative pieces after all the holiday decorating is over.

  7. Great tips. The house we bought is in a need of a kitchen upgrade, I’m going to start by switching out the old counter tops for marble. I love how easy it is to maintain, and it has a timeless beauty about it.

  8. I love the clean, minimalist vibe that the place has. I also LOVE your wooden floors. The color goes great with so many different shades and patterns.

  9. Love the marble countertops, I saw one recently which would suit my kitchen. Also the idea of giving it a colour splash seems good, I guess mauve will look nice.

  10. I like the minimalistic approach and designs. I love marble and wood at home and I think it makes it chic.

  11. I’ve been wanting to have a kitchen makeover before the year ends but I want it to be at a minimal cost. I’m actually thinking of just repainting the walls with a different color.

  12. I love the ideas. Those widening the walls is my pick. I am still planning to redecorate my house and I can definitely apply this to my kitchen and room as well, I guess, Adding a painting will add and change the vibes of it.

  13. My kitchen is so tiny that we barely have room to walk when there is more than 1 person in there but our dining space is very large. I love the idea of brightening up the wall. Most people don’t think about putting artwork in the kitchen area but it really would make a huge difference!

  14. If you ask me, the kitchen is the most important part of a house. It’s where I spend most of my time while I’m home and it’s where we entertain our friends and family. Our kitchen is definitely where we’ve put the most effort in to decorating – these are great tips. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  15. I totally agree that one should definitely brighten the walls in their kitchen. Brightening the walls give you an airy, open kitchen even if it is small.

  16. Some people have a knack for accessorizing. I don’t. Thankfully my 18 year old daughter does, and she makes up for my slack. 😉

  17. Awesome kitchen decor tips!!! It’s crazy how little things can totally transform a room!!! Especially counter tops

  18. Renovation is always a must in our home. But it will be a real challenge with a real-tight budget. But it’s a good idea of trying out cheerful colors instead of going with the usual.

  19. Those are great beauty changes in the kitchen. I definitely would want to accessorize to make the space mine though. I do love cooking and having a place in the kitchen that feels good is good.

  20. I agree that eye-searing colours are totally out and so not in good taste I prefer subtle feel good colours. My favourite counter tops are definitely all granite and I have a thing for fancy faucets. Let’s see what I can come up with to revamp my kitchen this fall.

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