Tired of waiting for the hunting season? And big struggles for getting a hunting pass? Well, Mountain Dew Pakistan is bringing new innovative sport for us all. Oh yes! Now u can hunt in any season you want with Dew’s Copter Hunting Sport. But let me remind you, the hunting won’t be as simple as sounds because you won’t be using your rifle for hunting the Copter down! Dew has a history of daredevil challenges. Every event organized by Dew is for well-motivated people who know how to overcome their fears.

Mountain Dew Pakistan is always up for something new, something innovative. And now the Copter Hunting season is soon to begin. As the name suggests, it is about catching a Copter with a net, most probably chasing it with a bike! It will be fun sports where families and individuals can participateDew’s facebook page is promoting it with teaser images with the caption “Hunting where the Copters are”  and fans are commenting and desperately  waiting for the information about how to participate and what skills are required to participate in it, most of all, when is it coming to Pakistan. I am as excited as anyone else, although being a girl, I first need to learn how to ride a bike! I am as excited as anyone else, although being a girl, I first need to learn how to ride a bike! (Many girls are already on it btw, thanks to Dew)


Since the launch of a teaser TVC, social media has gone insane. Everybody loved the idea of a new thrilling sport and supported it on twitter with the hashtag #CopterHunting, #DoTheDew, #MakeItExist.  The interest seen on the social media shows the excitement. I can clearly tell it will be huge! The numb of people talking about it, even if the half of them participate it will going to be big.  Thank you Dew Pakistan for bringing us something new every time otherwise life would have been boring…



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