So it’s no surprise that it had to top the charts. Come on, 10 awesome superheroes! What else can we expect?

Although the timings of my movie sucked. I missed my booked movie so had to watch it pretty late night. Advice: It’s not good to be that hyper as then you’ve trouble falling asleep :p

It is turning into a next blockbuster after Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Yet, not everyone is happy with the movie. I will say that sometimes the American and British critics say things that aren’t true. Maybe they get paid to say it. Anyways, so if you went to watch it because you thought that this is the only Avengers movie with an emotional depth. Well, then you are doomed as so much was happening that keeping track of emotion would be impossible! (just like any other Avengers movie)

Anyways, I could (again) feel like Marvel is getting inspiration from the Dark Knight ALOT. So story is about ramifications of US interventions in a post 9/11 era; there are private military contractors involved that’s where Avengers come in, to defer to government and the United Nations. Although they are working for the noble cause of getting rid of terrorism but there are casualties that can’t be ignored. They choose sides; one led by Captain America (Chris Evans) who doesn’t want to confine to contract and another of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) who is apparently willing to bound by the law. Honestly, I would expect roles to alter here as Iron Man’s personality was sort of care-free, as compared to our Captain America.

Then comes in the past which is still haunting these superheroes. The past makes them act irrationally but then they realise and act sober in the end. There’s a lot going on in between but I would like if you watch it yourself! There’s Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who are running, fighting, cracking jokes and all. I missed Thor and Hulk though, especially with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Paul Rudd makes an appearance as Ant-Man while Tom Holland trucks up as a wide-eyed teenage Spider-Man, complete with yet another origins story. Too many origin stories for Spider-Man! Build his character already Marvel!

I was expecting more.  Not in terms of action, please! In terms of getting connected to the characters. It isn’t an easy job to fit in every character and give them a proper role but I am sure Marvel have experience of tons of years to do it bit more properly.

I will rate it 4/5



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