Transgenders are shunned by their family at their birth like a disgusting thing which society doesn’t want to even see. I am sure it must be hard for parents yet they are forced as their hands are tied. It’s out of the question that a transgender child can grow up in our sophisticated society so they are thrown away to a group of Hijras (local name of transgenders)

Have you ever imaged what it would feel like to be unwanted? Grow up with a painful realisation of how repulsed your parents were with even the thought of your existence in life? Unfortunately, the pain doesn’t end there. Transgenders are not given neither the right of an education nor a job. The have absolute no career choices left so most of them are just forced to be beggars or prostitute. How inhumane is that? Why is it even hard for us to talk about the harsh reality prevailing in our society. Here are few stories taken from The Lost Gender – Only initiative highlighting issues of transgenders in Pakistan.

Here are few stories taken from The Lost Gender – Only initiative highlighting issues of transgenders in Pakistan. It’s founded by Snober Abbasi and Amal Asif

“They say I don’t belong to stand with men. They say I don’t belong to stand with women. Where do I stand? I stand with those who are deprived off basic human rights but this doesn’t stop them from being who they are by nature, birth and fate. As the new year starts, my struggle shall remain the same, my isolation in the mainstream society shall remain an everyday issue and they shall continue to treat me worse than a curse. Still, I stand strong, with determination, hope, and belief in the Lord who has made no mistake by making me who I am. I’m a Muslim, a Pakistani and a Transgender. I’m freaking proud of it. If I had to change anything, I wouldn’t change a thing. My struggles make me stronger than all of you. Last but not least, my new year’s resolution is to lose weight.”

“You will find many scars on our bodies. Some from abuse and some from suicide attempts. Once I did cut myself with a blade because I fell in love with a man. I knew that I can’t have him as my partner because that’s against the law of nature and religion. But at the end, we do carry a normal heart like everyone else, we do develop feelings and that’s natural phenomena, to be honest. But unfortunately we the transgenders are meaningless objects solely for entertainment and fun. We are meant to have a temporary place in people’s lives.” -Komal, 24

According to recent research studies conducted on transgenderism, approximately one out of 50 children are identified with a transgender tendency/ potential.  While there are no official precise figures on the number of transgender or third-gender people living in the country, estimates range from 80,000 to 350,000-500,000, with perhaps 60-70,000 in Karachi alone.

As they don’t complete their education, chances of employment are close to null. What’s more horrifying is the way institutes which are suppose to protect human rights aren’t able to do same for these minority. They are often an easy target for physical and verbal abuse. The Supreme Court has designated transgender people as a third gender, which under the law should afford them protection, but in practice, Kamran Arif, vice president of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said transgender people bear the brunt of some of the worst discrimination. They are sexually abused, assaulted and even murdered.

Amidst this discrimination, I am glad to share story of Kami Sid, a social activist known for working for Pakistan’s transgender community who made her debut in modelling. The purpose for which was to end transphobia from Pakistan.

The only reason for writing this blog is to create awareness about the prevailing issue in our society. I truly believe that we can change the situation by treating transgenders exactly the way we will treat any other human. By showing extra sympathy and teaching our coming generation to not ridicule them. Please remember that the basic thing that matters is their soul. Be considerate the next time!


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