The Best of Me, the ninth Nicholas Sparks-based film, will make you question your loyalty to his books. It made me miss 2004’s “The Notebook” 

Not every book get the execution that it deserves! Perhaps, the way words connect us to characters isn’t same in movies. Especially when so much is happening but you need to deliver it within 2 hours of movie.

The story revolves around second chances, wherein a high school couple reunites again after 20 years for the funeral of mutual friend. The characters faces that were shown 20 years earlier and after, were so different that it was hard to relate flash with the current movie. Rich girl and a poor guy with ‘complicated family’ struggle to be together, just like typical romantic movie of 80’s. However, Nicholas Sparks always adds a twist when it comes to ending but in this one it was quite predictable and frankly I think he needs to stop killing his character brutally at the end. We viewers need to see happy endings as well! (atleast once in 5 movies)

I am sure many will purely hate it for it’s mere artificial coincidences but not me. I enjoy light romantic movies so as guilty pleasures go, my weakness is in movies with parts of falling in love/surprise of reunion/selfless love and a fantasy that ceases to exist in real life . You can disagree, but I don’t care – my heart wants Sparks. So there it is!

P.S It’s sad that Paul Walker wasn’t alive to play his part in this movie. James Marsden was a good replacement but we missed Paul Walker’s innocence in bringing his characters to life. 

I will still rate it 2.5/5


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