So it all started when the stills of the song Angel were out with Coming Soon tagline. That was the moment when I decided to never watch this angel. It looked absurd to me that a man would dress up like Angel/Princess with another man who looks likes a woman and sing a very non-melodious song. Yet here we are today with more than 6 million youtube views and coverage from known media channels including BBC world. If you are as embarrassed by it as I am then please do remember that you and I are equally responsible for making it represent Pakistan worldwide.

This world is heading towards a very scary manifestation of the modern society. We “troll” what we don’t like so much the person who gets trolled either suicide out of depression or turn out to be the next internet celebrity. Enough have been said against Taher Shah so I won’t add more to it. Those who couldn’t stop protesting against Sharmeen Obaid’s documentary which was portraying a prevailing issue of our society. They are actually enjoying trolling Taher Shah’s songs.

Don’t you realise that you have the power to give attention to something worthwhile? Taher Shah isn’t overconfident. He is doing what is working best for him. He isn’t doing what he wants, ignoring what other thinks. He IS actually doing what he thinks will make him famous. We are just falling in the trap and giving him the fame that he desires. And the world is loving it.

Here are some tweets from the celebrities.

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