New Lays flavor Yogurt and Herb captured Pakistan’s heart and the Lays “Wasim Akram & Messi’s TVC” crown. (Photos courtesy of Lay’s) 

Lays is a renowned brand for making the best potato chips. Everyone is in love with lays potato chips and eagerly await to try out their new flavors. Last night was crazy on Twitter for Pakistan! Lays had a competition plus a very treat for both Messi and Akram fans!  Lays yogurt and herb flavor is making everyone indulge in the great taste and no one can resist eating it and they would do anything to have their hands on this new pack.

So does the Lays really tastes like Yogurt & Herbs ? Well I have yet to get my hands on one of them!

Overall the crowd seemed impressed with the deliciousness of the new flavors, although they also did blow everyone away with their creativity. Bringing the two legends together was unexpected. Even hadn’t even hear any rumours for that. For a sport lover, it was a BIG thing coming from Pakistan. I will add that Lays are always bursting out new ideas for promotions and tv ads. They take one step further with each promotion!

Featuring Wasim Akram the former Pakistani cricketer and Lionel Messi, the famous footballer together for a commercial, is something extraordinary.  The two famous sportsmen make a superb combination of passion, motivation and, of course, a great way of attracting cricket and football fans towards the new delightful taste of lays new flavor.

The ad made a great buzz over social media. The hashtags #AkramAndMessi, #LaysLegend & #HerbsAndYogurt started trending right away.

Too much hotness in one pic! @wasimakramlive @TeamMessi @LaysPakistan #AkramAndMessi #LaysLegends

— Nabeha (@Nabehal) January 12, 2016



If this is true, this is seriously huge! Getting the two legends together… #AkramAndMessi

— Zoya Altaf (@zoya_altaf) January 12, 2016



#WhyPakIsBlessing Kyun K Aa Gaya Hai New Lays #YogurtAndHerb flavor main! #LaysLegends #AkramAndMessi

— Snober Alan Abbasi (@snobers) January 12, 2016



The advertisement itself shows the great power of lays, that no one can resist it and could do anything to get their hands on it!

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