We all know that junk food is easily blamed for half of the myths circulating in our mind. The latest one was that when we burn Lays chips, it burns as if it is made of plastic. Is there any truth in it? There’s a video going viral about it.

I personally think that many people doing such live videos have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Like I saw an aunty decomposing a bakery item and then claiming it to contain plastic. What it actually has is gluten but ofcourse she doesn’t know how gluten looks like in reality.

Lays have officially released a statement saying:

“This video makes baseless and malicious allegations that Lay’s potato chips contain plastic. Lay’s is a 100% safe snack made from trusted, high quality ingredients. It contains locally-sourced, fresh potatoes. It is not made from, and contains no plastic. Given our rigorous testing protocols and stringent quality standards we would not under any circumstance release a hazardous product in the market. Lay’s has become a trusted household name in Pakistan, which itself is a testament to the quality of our product.”

So here we can safely say that don’t fall such videos. Yes, its better to eat healthy but snacking doesn’t have any harm. If you keep your overall diet in control.

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