After the launch of an amazing #lays #YogurtandHerb commercial, lays Pakistan has launched another campaign alongside with it. Featuring the famous former cricketer Wasim Akram.  Thi bumper has a beautiful message.  The yummiest #YougurtandHerb taste is no doubt irresistible and  no wonder its hard to live without eating the whole pack of lays all alone but lays want its Pakistani citizens to be more responsible in making Pakistan Clean and Green.

The simple but fun commercial conveys an important  message on how we all can contribute in making our beloved country clean is by simply taking out our own trash.  If our, favorite Wasim Akram can be responsible enough to not litter then being his devoted fans we all can do this for our Pakistan!

Check out our very own Wasim Akram shedding light on #CleanAndGreen campaign by Lays Pakistan. Awesome campaign for CSR as well as betterment of Pakistan.


#Lays and Wasim Akram’s fan could not resist sharing their thoughts about the new #YogurtandHerb flavor  on twitter and appreciating the #CleanandGreen thought by Lays.






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