I remember when I decided that I will do my graduation from Pakistan so I came 8 years ago and lived in a hostel as no relatives were here in Islamabad.

It wasn’t easy to roam around alone and even getting a taxi wasn’t as comfortable as I was expecting it to be. Although I must say that Islamabad used to be much more secure in that time. If anyone would’ve offered me to pay 10k to install an app due to I can get a car at my doorsteps, I would’ve said yes in a blink of an eye!

Thanks to Careem, now I can get a car that I want outside my door. I can complain about the driver for one nasty comment. I can give my father/husband tracker information so that they always have an idea where I am. I don’t only feel safe but I also feel empowered that I don’t have to depend on males anymore. The issue with me is that I am struggling with learning to drive although I am dead sure that there must be many who can’t afford to own another car.

So this lifesaver app wasn’t something that our government was happy with! I was shocked when I saw this picture circulating on social networks. Apparently, Careem doesn’t fulfil the criteria set by our government?

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The ban wasn’t only on Careem but Uber, A-one and other cab services too. So if you think about it, the drivers that go through vigorous screening and training aren’t qualified to use cars that need to be in 5/5 condition. Although taxi drivers and rickshaws are eligible with no set standard of charging?

I don’t know why we are so much against our own ease. Banning Careem will be like taking a step backwards and starting over because enabling the nation isn’t a priority?

I would also like to point that the campaign done by Careem in response was not just hilarious but also on point! It reflects how confident Careem is in the services that they provide and how illogical they think the bans are.

Here’s how people reacted on twitter about #GoCareemGo.


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