Lays Pakistan bring you an offer for life. Lay’s debuts three global flavors in Pakistan.They have introduced three yummy flavours  Italian Pizza, Chinese Szechuan and Australian BBQ. You don’t have to only enjoy these but you can also vote the one which you loved most!  For a limited time, the “Passport to Flavor” line is celebrating popular cultures from all around the world.

What sets this promotion apart, though, is that these aren’t brand-new flavours or even ones developed from fans’ suggestions. This is an opportunity to give three loved flavours from around the globe with a chance to get tickets to visit them.

How to get your #PassportToFlavors

1) Taste Lay’s #PassportToFlavors edition flavor
2) Vote for your flavor
3) SMS the flavor name to 9005 

Vote away to get a chance to visit these countries 🙂 I am sure you would’ve already seen the new TVC featuring a glimpse of Australia, Itlay and China! Pakistanis are excited. Check out the responses on twitter:



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