The voting season is here, Dew Pakistan will keep on surprising us. After the amazing neon mountain dew bottle, now it is  here with three new flavors! “Pitch Black” for grape citrus lovers, “Blue Shock” for raspberry citrus & “Livewire” for orange citrus flavor.

Let’s talk about the fun part first,  you can vote to make your favorite bottle stay. That’s right! These flavors are not here for long, these are the limited edition bottles but your vote can make one flavor stay forever!

So do not waste any more time, grab your favorite bottle in hand and start voting. The voting details are mentioned on every new bottle. Its very simple! Just type your favorite color ( black/blue/orange) and SMS it to 9300.  Hurry up! The voting season is here and I hope you are all #ReadyToVote.




At first, many people on social media got confused and didn’t know what this voting was all about but then #MountainDew released the teaser, showing all three flavors!

Dew Pakistan is telling its fans the real meaning of #Dewmocracy by letting everyone vote and decide the best drink. That’s not all! The fascinating new bottles are so cool. We can reuse them for décor.

The #FlavorBattles have  started, Its high- time we all should choose a side. And the wonderful part about it, is you do not have to be 18yrs of age to cast a vote.


This is not it! Even the celebrities got into the discussion over it. Perhaps curiosity lead to it. Check out what they said:

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