Started in 2012, the 60-second film festival has the vision to give a platform to the young talented individual to showcase their work worldwide. It was recently held in Islamabad on 13th Feb, 2016, to motivate young filmmakers to present their ideas.  The festival gives equal opportunity to the participants and they are free to choose the topic.

The challenge is to deliver the message in only 60 seconds which leaves a mark on our mind regarding prevailing social issues that people face throughout the globe. It’s not an easy task to be that creative and I was very surprise to see the global talent. The winners were exception undoubtedly! Check out my experience in images below




To my surprise, many issues were raised such as education and gender discrimination. The best film from Afghanistan was awarded the first prize, second prize winner film was on violence against women, from India. And the third prize winner film was from Gujrat, Pakistan.

It’s not just a film festival, it also encourages audience and gives them the opportunity to learn arts and filmmaking.

The film festival director Abrar Hasan said: We’ve been able to see so many young conveying important messages utilizing their skills in a minute.”

The exhibition consisted 35 films, each of one minute long. Film festival is a great opportunity for people who want their work to be shown around the world, and the best thing about the sixty- second film festival is that there aren’t any rules for participating in the exhibition. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or an engineer, as long as you can shoot a film, you can participate.

It was well received by the audience in Pakistan. There was a lot of hype on social media as well due to which #60SIFF16 even trended in Pakistan on 13th Feb.

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