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Tribue to Abdul Sattar Edhi. Let’s keep his legacy alive! #EhedeRamazan

In the Holy Month of Ramzan, Express Entertainment is paying tribute to the famous Naat Khawans in its transmission Ehede Ramzan. However, an exception was made and a tribute was given to Abdul Sattar Edhi. Indeed, Edhi Sahb was not a naat khawan but how can one overlook the fact that Allah SWT encourages every individual to support orphans and Eidi Sahb was a true humanitarian. Edhi Sahb did not only nurtured and supported number of orphans but worked tirelessly day and night for the sake of humanity. The aim of giving tribute to such a nobleman was to lighten the candle of humanity in the heart of each and every individual. Let it be taking care of a child or donating charity money, it is to reinforce that we all can make a difference. Especially in this month when Allah SWT showers countless blessings on mankind, a beautiful initiative by Ehede Ramzan to encourage individuals to take a step forward and play their respective roles towards the betterment of humanity.

On the day of tribute son of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Faisal Edhi was the special guest for the day at Ehede Ramzan Transmission. Edhi Centre workers were also part of the transmission.
Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that every day in Ehede Ramzan Transmission children from Eidhi Centers are invited. At one point, where this activity gives them exposure to the world and fill some colors in their life. On the contrary, it is a constant struggle by Express Entertainment to reunite these children with their families. There are number of children at Edhi Centers who either wandered away too far from their homes or were lost accidentally during family trips. Adding on, it is quite pleasing to mention that a family was reunited with their child after 2 years at Ehede Ramzan Transmission. Therefore, one can wisely say Ehede Ramzan Transmission is more than just a rat race of getting more viewership and rating. It is actually playing a responsible role towards humanity.

About #EhedeRamazan

It is no surprise that TV channels have started their campaigns for the Ramadan and Sehri Transmissions. Most of these campaign look the same cliché with some cosmetic changes from the previous years, however, recently a teaser of Ramadan Transmission went on-air by one of the main stream channels Express Entertainment under the brand of “Ehede Ramzan”. One thing that particularly grabs a hold of your attention is the choice of hosts: Javeria Saud and Imran Abbas. Both the hosts are very popular with the youth and have a dedicated fan following. Therefore, this raises our anticipation that this would be more targeted towards the youth. It’s a breath of fresh air that at least someone thought differently. Targeting youth as their audiences would surely bring in more vibrancy and vigor to the transmission engaging youth that is almost 60% of our population. Not only this, it is rumored that generally the audiences will be from universities and colleges. It will not be wrong to say that this is a Ramadan Transmission that is for the youth being carried out by the talented youth-oriented artists. Moreover, for the first time the amazingly talented Aima Baig will be reciting Na’at along with Imran Abbas.
Last few days of the program are left. Do check them out on Express Entertainment.

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