Much hyped, Mahira Khan starter 7 Din Mohabbat In was finally released on Eid. The story revolves around Sheheryar Munawar who is a dorky loser, failing big time at finding the love of his life. Mahira & Sheheryar’s couple was much appreciated at Ho Maan Jahan that I for one was waiting anxiously for this release.

It starts off in a very interesting way. Tipu (Sheheryar) gets a mystical genie in a bottle which is played by Javed Sheikh. The Genie is from Delhi named Dwarka Prasad who gives him an ultimatum to find a girl who loves him in 7 days. The Genie wanted him to fail though so he can keep Tipu as a slave. Javed Sheikh acted brilliantly! Although dialogues that he was given were very ghisay pitay. Nothing new about them which was a failure of writers.

Let me tell you a couple more things without giving any spoilers.

Mahira Khan (Neeli) is Tipu’s cousin, she is an orphan and lives with him in their home. A typical Pakistani thingy to be crushing on cousins. Her character is of a bubbly girl with no passion for career, unlike her previous roles. She is into morning shows and romantic poems. I felt like she was overacting a lot, as there wasn’t anything new that she was bringing on the board. No signature style and nothing. Tipu’s mother (Hina Dilpazeer), is Khala of Neeli and is an evil woman interested more in money than in well being of her son or niece. As usual, she won our hearts with her acting. Also, Amna Ilyas who acted as a feminist. A distorted image of feminist that makes us Pakistan laugh. She looks promising as a future leading actress of Pakistan. Lastly, Mira Sethi needs a full-fledged training in acting. She doesn’t have the star factor. I am sure if she wasn’t the daughter of famous Najam Sethi, she wouldn’t have gotten this role.

You will see a lot of confusions and effort to make the audience laugh but they are trying way too hard. Comedy should be a bit more flawless.

Also, the brand placements were so annoying – not at all subtle. Imagine a waiter asking, sir do you need PTCL connection? Who does that? The script and punchlines weren’t as witty as they should’ve been.

The film’s item number is performed by prominent transgender Rimal Ali. I am all for transgenders rights and she was made part of the movie without stereotyping which is cool. Although we really need to come out of our obsession with item numbers. It’s not our culture guys. We go out for such movies with our families and staring at half-naked dances isn’t our thing. Perhaps one thing we need to not follow of Bollywood!

I am still confident that this movie is better than the other three released this Eid; Wajood, Azaadi and Na Band Na Baarati. Do share in comments if you liked it or not.  We will rate it 2.5/5


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