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DTH License Auction Ends: Rs14.7bn for three licenses

Islamabad: We are more than happy to announce that Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) did not come under Cable Operators’ pressure and gave a go-ahead for open bidding of Direct to Home (DTH) license auction on November 23, 2016. PEMRA was to award DTH license to three companies out of 12.

The three companies that won the DTH license are listed below. It was to be granted to the successful bidders only after fulfilment of all legal requirements, approval of Authority and payment of requisite fees and taxes.

  • Licence 1

    MAG Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Lahore)
    Licence fee: Rs4,898 million

  • Licence 2

    StarTimes Pakistan Communi­ca­tions Pvt Ltd (Islamabad)
    Licence fee: Rs4,898 million

  • Licence 3

    Shahzad Sky Pvt Ltd (Islamabad)
    Licence fee: Rs4,898 million

In 121st meeting held on Monday, the shortlisted companies were as follows:

M/s. Orient Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore
M/s. Mag Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore.
M/s. Skyflix (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
M/s. Startimes Communications (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
M/s. Sardar Builders (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
M/s. Smart Sky (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
M/s. Parus Media & Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
M/s. Naya Tel (Pvt.) Ltd., Islamabad.
M/s. Mastro Media Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad.
M/s. Shahzad Sky (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad (formerly M/s Shahzad CGG (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad).
M/s. HB DTH (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad.
M/s IQ Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi.


These four were, unfortunately, rejected:

Vision Broadcast
Link Dot Net Pakistan,
World Call Telecom
Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited

Cable operators have launched anti-DTH campaigns countrywide. To that Chairman Absar Alam said:  “the Authority will take strict action against those who are involved in illegal DTH business as well as providing the financial benefit to India through this business”. He also said that business of cable operators would not affect due to the DTH service.


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