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Integrity Idol: An effort to An initiative to acknowledge honest government servants

Islamabad (August 05): An event was organized to mark the launch of Integrity Idol campaign at National Press Club, on Friday. The event was attended by journalists from various print and electronic media outlets, bloggers, civil society representatives, government officials and parliamentarians.

Integrity Idol is a global campaign run by citizens in search for honest government officials who can push for positive change and inspires a new generation to be more effective public servants. It also aims to generate debate around the idea of integrity and demonstrate the importance of honesty, personal responsibility, inspiring a new generation to be more effective public servants. Integrity Idol began in Nepal in 2014, spread to Liberia in 2015 and has now evolved into a global campaign. Integrity Idol is introduced first time in Pakistan by Accountability Lab in collaboration with Loug Trust

The event was organized in collaboration with National Press Club to familiarize the citizens of Pakistan with this global campaign that advocates and appreciates the truthful and honest government officials and enables the public to vote for their favorite candidate. Integrity Idol is a contest not for the best singer or artist but for the most honest civil servant in Pakistan. The best part of this campaign is that it allows the common people to choose a leader for themselves, hence create a better and friendly environment.

“The conversation around corruption in Pakistan is too negative- with constant naming and shaming of wrong-doers. This gives a sense that there are no good people and that nothing can change” said Blair Glencorse, who conceived and started the campaign. “With Integrity Idol we are “naming and faming” the do-gooders- the thousands of reformers who have honesty and integrity and are working for the public good. This gives us all a sense that there is a different reality that we can help to build; and gives these heroes a renewed sense of purpose”.

Muhammad Musaddiq Abbasi, Chairman board of Directors for the Accountability Lab Pakistan pointed out: “The value of Integrity Idol is the process, not the outcome. It is about creating conversations about what it means to be a person of integrity; and why this matters. After the

competition we will be creating a network of local government officials who work for accountability across Pakistan- and using this network as the basis for larger reform efforts”. He further added that “Integrity Idol provides an outlet for a national conversation in positive terms about the change we’d like to see and the people we would like to be working in government on our behalf”.

Senior Journalist and President National Press Club, Shakeel Anjum appreciated the effort and said that “the concept of the campaign is unique and innovative. Combining the voices from media and civil society will not only help to address the issue of corruption but will also encourage government officials to be inspired and strive a positive change in the society”.

“As a civil society activist, I support the campaign that encourages citizens to build a movement that helps them question their own role in the system and encourage greater accountability” said Shafqat Muneer, Director Resilient Development Programme, SDPI.

“I would like to appreciate the team of Integrity Idol, journalist fraternity and management of National Press Club for extending their support for this initiative of national importance” said Tallal Chaudhry, senior parliamentarian. He further said that “accountability is one of the cornerstones of good governance that ensures actions and decisions taken by public officials are subject to oversight and the campaign is an innovative and unique concept to encourage accountability and to bring positive change in bureaucracy by being within the political system”.

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