What’s Brave for you? For me Brave is to be able to know what you want and fight for it – fight doesn’t neccesarily has to be like what we see in action series. Just knowing our rights; saying yes to what we love and no to want we don’t want to do/be. I was first attracted to this series from it’s title only!

I love to add diverse genre to my series watchlist. I’ve been big fan of FRIENDS, 24, The Breaking Bad and Law & Order. I was surely missing bit of a military action thriller thus I decided to go for this.

Military themed dramas are piping hot this TV season and none more so than “The Brave”! NBC may just have a winner on their hands – a military show focusing on the characters and their resilience in the face of ever-changing, overwhelming odds, being spearheaded by executive producer Avi Nir of Homeland fame? Sign us up!

It’s first episode will air tonight on 25th September 2017! You can watch it on NBC

‘What is the show about?’ you may ask. “The Brave” tells the story of a covert-ops special forces unit under the command of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), as they undertake dangerous missions around the world to bust up drug rings, take down terrorists and save innocent lives. The pilot kicks off with the team, under Captain Adam Dalton (played by Mike Vogel), undercover in Syria after an American citizen, Dr. Kimberly Wells, is kidnapped by terrorists in retaliation to the death of their leader. The tension is high enough going in, but as the drama escalates, the stakes keep getting higher and higher till you inadvertently find yourself at the edge of your sofa. By making sure the focus of the show is not solely on the undercover antics and gun action, the characters are given room to breathe and their added motivation and determination really helps to ground the globe-spanning nature of this drama.


Speaking of the characters, it’s great to see a diverse cast at the helm of a type of show where diversity generally only equals villainy. I can’t stress this enough. In fact, it’s this diversity that really helps sell the initial undercover mission and builds up a believable narrative towards the climax of the episode. It helps that the cast fits into their roles really well too, each given enough backstory to stoke our thirst for more! Deputy Director Patricia Campbell (who leads the DIA from Washington), for instance, has clearly just suffered a personal tragedy and it remains to be seen how it will affect her judgement as the show goes on.

Here’s the bottom line: By examining the stories of the people who do the sort of things generally glamorized on film, and presenting their humanity to the viewer to dissect and absorb,

“The Brave” sets itself apart from the standard bells and whistles one expects from a military themed tale. By subverting that expectation and then building upon it.

It looks like a compelling drama that, despite having a flashy ‘hook’, will engage and resonate with viewers who, before now, have often found themselves unable to relate to the protagonists of a special military group.

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4 thoughts on “The Brave: NBC’s new series looks just as promising as Homeland”

  1. It sounds like a great movie but I hope they won’t ruin it as they did with Homeland. That one started amazing, was full of intriguing situations and then…. it just started to focus on the main character’s disease. I lost interest at that point.

  2. I love these kinds of series. The first one we ever saw that probably got us into the genre was Strike Back. Season 1 was really good and then it went a bit pear shaped. I’ll see if we can download The Brave. It’s sounds really cool

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