Mountain Dew organized Pakistan’s first Electronic Dance Music Festival in Lahore on 21st February.  The event included London’s no1 dance and ‘Ministry of Sound’. Three new flavors; Live Wire, Pitch Black & Blue Shock were launched by Mountain Dew Pakistan.

Ever since the dew fans are allowed to vote for their favorite flavor to stay. It has been given a name of #Dewmocracy, where everyone is given an equal chance to cast a vote by simply texting their favorite color (black/blue/orange) to 9300. (You can still vote btw!)

Many high profile people and celebrities were seen on the event including; Bilal Lashari, QB, Cybil Choudry, Ali Xeeshan, Umair Jaswal, Junaid Khan and many more. The amazing event took place on the outskirts of Lahore where a huge number of fans participated in the event including some successful Pakistani Dj’s  Hira Tareen, El Safino, VIVID and Fake Shamans.

Various Dj’s rocked for the three new flavors. The guests tasted all three flavors and participated in the voting. Of course, everyone supported their own favorite color.

The aim of this event was to attract audiences and aware them of these new flavors. Mountain Dew stands for originality, no wonder this event was one of its kinds. With the unique and creative idea, Mountain Dew Pakistan has proved it, that they are the best!

Bilal Latif, a participant of the event said: “I attended the event because it’s Ministry of Sound! Mountain Dew really outdid itself with this event! I’m gonna vote for Blue Shock”, while another participant added, “When I found out about the event and DEWmocracy I was intrigued because it’s something new letting people decide which flavor they want to stay! Attending DEWxMOS was an awesome experience. A great fusion between the brand and its adventure-seeking and exhilarating identity!”.

The buzz about the event scattered all over social media, where people got engaged in several updates with the hashtags #Dewmocracy and #DEWxMOS. And as usual, they both trended on twitter while the event was happening! What else can you except after such an event!

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